Years In The Making… How Modern Pain Management Became Accessible To SW FL!

Posted on March 21, 2019

Southwest Florida is known as a high-retirement area. Some residents are “snow birds,” who travel from the northern and New England states to spend winter months in a warm, sunny climate. Others have chosen to reside here year-round.

Reality is, however, the area is attracting new residents of all ages. It is a vibrant community of expanding growth; a welcoming “playground” with its all-year climate for out-of-doors activities.

However, for people who suffer with painful conditions, struggling to enjoy the offerings of the area can be a challenge. For some, just day-to-day activities can seem difficult. Yet, living with painful conditions can impact one’s life in more ways than physical discomfort.

Research has shown that painful conditions can contribute to depression and anxiety. The less comfortable it is to stay moving and being active, the deeper a person can go into states of anxiety and depression. Sleeping more, being less social, weight gain, loss of libido – all can result from not being comfortable when doing day-to-day tasks.

Certainly, age-related pain just happens. With age, the joints become less lubricated and bone loss can occur. While feeling a “hitch in my get-along” commonly occurs with age, acute and chronic pain can become truly debilitating for some people. This can be from an old football injury or car accident, with once tolerable pain becoming more severe over time.

For people who have long-term pain, whole families can be affected. Chronic intense pain can interfere with many aspects of life – job performance, relationships, social involvement, etc. For some, pain can become so severe that the individual cannot get out of bed without help or sit at a table for a meal.

For thousands of adults in Southwest Florida, a reliable, compassionate source for restoring comfort has been Advanced Pain Management & Spine Specialists (APMSS). For over 18 years, this office has combined personalized care with highly-advanced pain medicine techniques and technology.

“I’m a nurse and I would know a good physician and he is excellent. You’ve got to know your anatomy; you’ve got to know your patient, and he does.”
– Linda D., patient of Dr. Daitch

However, in 2001, this was a new concept in treating acute and chronic pain.

Opening the first interventional pain management physician clinic was the concept of Dr. Jonathan Daitch and wife Barbara Daitch, MBA.  APMSS was the area’s first outpatient, office-based pain management treatment center. Prior to this, pain management was mainly done in a hospital or surgery center setting.

The practice first opened in a small office on Winkler Road with 2500 feet of space. As word spread of this unique source for treating pain non-surgically, they expanded to include three more offices in the same complex. By 2003, Dr. Daitch sought to acquire property on College Parkway and began working with an architect to develop a specialized pain management center.

As life would have it, unexpected delays occurred. The biggest delay was Hurricane Charley, which devastated Southwest Florida. This was followed by another delay when eagles took up residence on the adjacent, undeveloped property. Even though the eagles relocated to Whiskey Creek after four months, this ecological event prohibited building the current center for approximately four years.

In 2007, Dr. Daitch and wife were finally able to break ground and began building their flagship facility, where the offices are currently. The building was completed in late 2009. The second floor was the medical practice and most of the first floor held the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) called Park Center for Procedures that opened in 2010.

8255 College Parkway is now recognized as a premier pain management center throughout the state of Florida.

“Dr. Daitch knew exactly where to inject the medicine. That had not happened before. Now I can shop for four to five hours and I love to shop. I’m back at the gym. I’m lifting weights and getting stronger. He did that for my back, my neck, and my hip.”
– Susan S., patient of Dr. Daitch

APMSS was designed to provide advanced treatment options in an environment that is easy and personalized for its patients. In addition to the on-site surgery center, they have a high-complexity lab as well as their own customized, electronic medical records. They also do their own billing. On-site billing ensures patients receive thorough and personalized service.

Within the practice is the famous “Bobbie Lobby“. Upon entering the main office reception area, patients and guests find a unique atmosphere, unlike a typical “doctor’s office waiting room.” The “Bobbie Lobby” features large glass windows overlooking College Parkway, a recessed ceiling with a commissioned “mobile“ that was crafted by world renowned sculptor Lawrence Voytek. This helps to relax patients while waiting to be seen.

“My life has changed incredibly since I met Dr. Daitch. I couldn’t drive my car; I always had to depend on someone else. I can drive my car now. All I did was go from one doctor to another specialist to another specialist. When I walked out of the doors of Advanced Pain Management, I was driving, I was smiling, and I was doing the things that I love again.”
– Sonia S-P., patient of Dr. Daitch

Today, there are 65 employees. Several of the current staff have been with the practice for over a decade. APMSS is a model practice for many other pain centers in Florida. Dr. Daitch is frequently sought out by others in the area of pain management as a mentor for his exemplary treatment protocols. Futhermore, he is a highly-regarded speaker to the medical community.

In addition to pain management injections, Park Center for Procedures offers the very latest technology in minimally-invasive spine treatment. Here, APMSS board certified physicians perform advanced procedures such as Kyphoplasty, Sacroplasty, Discography, and Percutaneous Disc Decompression.

The Doctors can also perform sacroiliac fusion, posterior spine fixation, spinal cord stimulation trials and implants, spinal drug infusion implants, and minimally-invasive surgical disc decompression.

Patients appreciate the attentive staff and convenience of having procedures that would otherwise require a visit to a hospital and its associated costs.

“He listens to you. He communicates to you. He explains to you. I was so impressed; you can see that he cares.”
– Rusty S., patient of Dr. Daitch

No other pain clinic in Southwest Florida offers this broad array of noninvasive and minimally-invasive spine treatments. And, according to APMSS patients, no other Doctors treat them with as much respect, caring, compassion, and thoroughness.

“Some doctors have their hand on the door trying to get out as quickly as they can. He’s not like that. We all know when we come here that he’s going to take the time that he needs to talk to us and understand what he feels needs to be done and if we’re comfortable with it. He’s just very open. He’s an all-around great doctor and a great guy.”
– Leslieann B-G., patient of Dr. Daitch

While many patients are referred to Dr. Daitch and his associates by other doctors, lawyers, workers comp case managers, and other patients, many now find the office through online searches. A referral is not needed to become a new patient and new patients are always welcome.

Regain a life in comfort, without surgical requirements. Begin by calling 239-437-8000 or visit:


8255 College Parkway, Suite 200, Fort Myers, FL 33919

Located in South Fort Myers on College Parkway between Winkler Road and Whiskey Creek Parkway