Posted on February 20, 2019

By Elaine’s own description, her “spine is shot.” Even after surgery, she continued to suffer with pain in her shoulder, neck, lower back, and even knees.

Wishing to avoid more surgery, she sought out Southwest Florida’s Pain Management Specialist Dr. Jonathan Daitch. “He is an excellent doctor,” she states. “I wouldn’t want to see anyone else.”

For various conditions, most being spine-related, Jonathan Daitch, MD provides treatments that are minimally-invasive (essentially ‘non-surgical’). For Elaine, most procedures have provided “almost immediate” relief. Because her neck has more complex challenges, relief can “take longer but the pain eventually subsides.”

Although there are other pain management physicians in Southwest Florida, Dr. Daitch is Board Certified in Interventional Pain Management. This covers a broad spectrum of painful conditions, including those that radiate out from the spine and can affect limbs and joints as well as those that are cancer-related.

Yet, Elaine knows the greatest difference from one doctor to another goes deeper. “He really cares about his patients. He takes time to listen and explains everything. No other doctor is as caring and thorough,” shares Elaine.

Dr. Daitch brings this same commitment of care to every patient he sees. And, he has attained advanced skills for treatment of nearly every painful condition. Additionally, he utilizes some of the most advanced technology available, optimizing treatment outcome, patient comfort, and longevity of results.

For example, Elaine’s treatment included image-guided injections and Cervical Radiofrequency.  To alleviate back or neck pain, radiofrequency works by heating the nerve to “short-circuit” the pain signal. Relief can last for a year or more.

Procedures are performed in the Park Center for Procedures, which is on the first floor of the Advanced Pain Management & Spine Specialists (APMSS) offices. “While patients may experience pain that originates from one area,” explains Dr. Daitch, “many have several painful conditions that are attributing to a life of challenges. Through proper diagnosis and targeting pain at its source, we can restore a patient to a life of comfort and movement.”

For optimal treatment comfort, some procedures are performed with the patient in “twilight sleep.” This is an I.V. administered sedative and has a quick recovery. Throughout treatment, the patient is carefully monitored by trained professionals and advanced safety equipment. In all procedures, patient safety and comfort are top priorities.

To learn more about procedures that eliminate your pain, at its source, visit: or call 239-437-8000 to inquire.

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