SACROPLASTY Gets Her Out Of A Wheelchair And Back To An Active Life!

Posted on May 21, 2023

Jonathan S. Daitch, MD & Associates of Advanced Pain Management & Spine Specialist


It wasn’t very long ago when Joyce remembers sensing, “My life was over.” Yet, only two weeks after a Sacroplasty procedure, she is driving, walking, gardening and busy in her art studio.

Years ago, Joyce sought out Southwest Florida’s Advanced Pain Management & Spine Specialists’ Dr. Jonathan Daitch for a disc problem. “I knew of his reputation,” she states. Dr. Daitch successfully treated the problem, helping Joyce to avoid the need for surgery.

More recently, a fall at home left Joyce experiencing severe back pain. Her doctors began treating her for bursitis. She followed their suggested regimen of alternating heat and ice. However, the pain only got “worse and worse.”

Eventually, an MRI was ordered, which showed a fracture in her sacrum. Her doctors at the time were only able to give her depressing news. She was told the sacral fracture would heal, but would require long-term recovery, taking months. After several doctors had no other solution for treatment, Joyce felt, “My life was over.”

“By this time, I was in a wheelchair and needed an aide,” Joyce shares. “I saw several doctors who warned that this would take months to heal and recommended bedrest.”

Knowing months of inactivity would lead to a decline in muscle and strength, Joyce was determined to seek a better option.

The sacrum is a single bone located at the bottom of the spinal column. It looks like an inverted triangle with the sides connect to the hip bones. The base of the sacrum is connected to the largest and lowest of the lumbar vertebrae.

Sacral fractures typically cause pain that extends into the groin or backs of thighs and hurts to sit, stand or even lie down. Patients must often resort to using a walker, or like Joyce experienced, a wheelchair.

Being familiar with pain management through her prior care by Dr. Daitch, Joyce scheduled an appointment. After reviewing specific imaging, Dr. Daitch reassured her that this could be treated through Sacroplasty.

Sacroplasty can offer significant relief initially with patients dramatically improved within 2-3 weeks. It is covered by Medicare when performed in an outpatient surgery center.

Sacroplasty uses a medical grade cement to fill in fractures in the sacrum. Dr. Daitch has performed over 500 of these procedures. He is the only physician in Lee County who routinely provides this minimally-invasive, outpatient option.

Within two weeks, Joyce realized her life would be active and full, without a lengthy recovery period of bed rest. Now that Joyce is resuming her normal activities, she adds, “He is such a skilled physician. I’m so grateful to him.” She is especially happy that she is able to get back to her art studio – no wheelchair needed!

As an Interventional Pain Management Physician, Dr. Daitch extends a commitment of individualized care to every patient he sees. He has attained advanced skills to treat nearly every painful condition. Dr. Daitch also utilizes some of the most advanced technology available, optimizing treatment outcomes, patient comfort, and longevity of results.

At Advanced Pain Management & Spine Specialists, board certified physicians perform procedures in Park Center for Procedures, located on the first floor of the APMSS offices.

For optimal comfort, procedures are often performed with the patient sedated in a “twilight sleep” state. This I.V. administered sedative has a quick recovery.

Patients have found that all doctors at Advanced Pain Management & Spine Specialists believe that proper diagnosis and treating pain at its source can restore most patients to a life of comfort and movement.

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