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Overcoming Low Back Pain

Posted on October 22, 2018

For many people, low back pain interferes with their quality of life. For example, when you have a “stiff back,” it can make sitting for long periods difficult. Playing cards with friends, going out to dinner, even driving can become uncomfortable.

As back pain worsens, just standing in line at the store or walking the dog maybe constantly overshadowed by continual aches and worsening discomfort.

Like many adults who have low back pain, Michael’s pain began years ago and grew worse with age. “I was rear-ended while riding on a motorcycle in the 1970’s,” he explains. “It got worse as I got older.”

Not wanting – or feeling he needed – surgery, Michael saw a pain management physician. “I felt he was a ‘pill pusher’ and I didn’t want that,” he states. Because Michael’s father-in-law had experienced such positive results through Pain Management Physician Dr. Jonathan Daitch, he decided to make an appointment.

Jonathan S. Daitch, MD

Michael was immediately impressed with Dr. Daitch, whom he describes as “very patient and compassionate.” Dr. Daitch performed a series of injections while using ultrasonic guidance. This allowed Dr. Daitch to address the pain at its source, without guesswork. “He is so precise and exact,” Michael adds.

Through these injections, Michael has experienced long-term relief. He is able to move comfortably and live without the constant interferences of aches and pain.

Dr. Daitch shares, The most important thing is to make an accurate diagnosis. Once the likely cause is known, simple medications and physical therapy maybe started first. If those are not effective, then injections may be advised to further diagnose and treat the underlying cause of the pain. In rare cases, surgery may be advised.”

For people who fear being placed on narcotics for their pain, Dr. Daitch adds, “Actually, the last thing we want is to place patients on long-term opiate medication for pain. Instead, we want to utilize every other technique possible to diagnose and treat the pain at its source.”

While Dr. Daitch and his fellow Pain Management Physician, Dr. Ivan Samcam, are highly-skilled in utilizing imaging guidance for injections, the office – Advanced Pain Management & Spine Specialists – offers some of the most advanced technology available in the treatment of chronic and acute pain.

For example, Vertiflex is a relatively new, advanced procedure that is “minimally invasive” (referred to by some as “Band-Aid surgeries”). In this procedure, Dr. Daitch uses an indirect decompression device to insert a “spacer” outside the spinal canal. This halts the spinal canal from narrowing, which can be a source of back pain.

For sciatica pain, another procedure is the minimally invasive Lumbar Decompression. This is performed to remove excess ligament in the spinal canal. Removing this can create more room, relieving pressure and reducing the pain from sciatica.

All procedures are performed safely and precisely in their outpatient surgical center, which is on the first floor of the Center. This is a fully-accredited facility that is staffed with highly-trained caregivers. Patient comfort is always a priority.

Modern pain management is so advanced that it is rarely necessary to treat pain with medications that simply dull it for the long-term. Often, pain management specialists can use advanced skills and technology to address specific points of pain, greatly reducing or eliminating it altogether.

If you or someone you know suffers with low back pain that is worsening over time, the solution may be a simple procedure. Begin with a consultation with Dr. Daitch or Dr. Samcam. By understanding your options in treatment, you may be able to resume a life of comfort with ease of motion.

To schedule, tap here or call 239-437-8000. New patients are always welcome. Most insurances are accepted, including Medicare and Medicare Plus. (Please note, we are not in-network with Cigna).

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