New Procedure For SI Joint Pain

Posted on July 08, 2021

The SI joints, which refer to the sacroiliac (sak-ro-il-e-ak) joints, serve as shock absorbers for the forces exerted through the spine from the upper body to the legs. When damaged, the SI joints can be a source of significant pain.

Now available through Advanced Pain Management & Spine Specialists, the CornerLoc procedure’s unique graft design restores immediate stability within the SI joint.

The minimally-invasive CornerLoc procedure requires only two small incisions in the lower back. Patients are typically walking within hours following the procedure. Most are able to return to work and perform light activities after 2 – 3 weeks.

Best of all, CornerLoc eliminates the pain that stems from SI joint instability, which can be severe and limiting to normal activities. For example, a recent CornerLoc SI Fusion patient, Jeff, is looking forward to boating once again and getting back to golf and biking.

Like most SI joint patients, Jeff’s problems occurred after an auto accident. Made worse in his case, there were several accidents. After a 2013 auto accident, he underwent back surgery (to repair L4, L5, L6). In 2018, he was involved in another, with another surgery performed. Yet, it was the most recent in 2020 (being rear-ended) that left him with “excruciating” SI Joint pain.

Jeff’s low back hurt and walking had become painful. “It was a cramping feeling,” he explains. “It felt like my legs were seizing up when walking.” This was resulting in falls.

He goes on to share that the painful cramping sensation would continue for 2 – 3 days at a time. “I couldn’t do anything. I would lay on the floor for hours,” he added. Suspecting a re-emergence of pre-surgery pain, Jeff decided to seek a non-surgical option for relief.

After finding Interventional Pain Physician Dr. Jonathan Daitch online, Jeff underwent a thorough examination. To provide immediate relief through conservative measures, Dr. Daitch administered steroid injections into the SI joint along with physical therapy.

Jeff experienced “one-hundred percent of relief.” However, being pain-free lasted only 30 days or so. It would creep back up after six weeks and another injection was needed.

Dr. Daitch discussed a new procedure with Jeff – the CornerLoc™ SI Joint Stabilization System. As a lasting solution to SI pain and instability, CornerLoc has a high success rate and provides patients with a quick recovery, unlike open surgery.

For the procedure, Jeff was sedated in a “twilight sleep” state to ensure comfort throughout. Afterwards, he had some soreness at the injection site but was happy that his back pain was gone. Within a week, he was walking a mile per day with the goal to resume biking within 6 weeks.

Dr. Daitch states, “At Advanced Pain Management & Spine Specialists, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to advanced techniques and technology. Most people want to avoid major surgery, if possible. Procedures like CornerLoc are successful, effective options that help to restore our patients to comfort and mobility.”

Proper diagnosis is key. Dr. Daitch orders very specific imaging and reads the images himself, carefully scrutinizing the details. Board certified pain medicine physicians Dr. Daitch and Dr. Ivan Samcam are known for their thoroughness in the exam process.

Finding the precise source of pain allows the APMSS physicians to recommend conservative measures to restore the patient’s quality of life.

If you or someone you know is interested in exploring the CornerLoc procedure or other minimally-invasive options, call APMSS at 239.437.8000.

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