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Injured On The Job?

Posted on June 19, 2019

When we go to our workplace, we anticipate having a smooth day where we adeptly perform the tasks we were hired to do. Yet, unexpected incidences can occur with any job. Even if you sit at a desk for the majority of your day, an injury can sometimes occur.

Employees in the U.S. who are injured on the job can receive covered medical care when the injury occurs in the workplace or relates specifically to their job. In some cases, they are also able to receive compensation for related disabilities.

Over the years, Advanced Pain Management & Spine Specialists (APMSS) has treated many people who have experienced work-related injuries. We’ve seen a number of construction workers, first responders, warehouse workers, teachers and so on. While employers strive to protect the safety of their employees, no industry can ensure a no-risk environment.

According to the National Safety Council, a worker is injured on the job every 7 seconds. ( The top five industries for workplace injuries are:
1. Service industry (police officers, firefighters, etc.)
2. Transportation/Shipping
3. Manufacturing/Production
4. Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
5. Construction

The NCS also reports that over a third of all workplace injuries are due to “overexertion,” primarily lifting, lowering or repetitive motions. This is followed by “contact with objects and equipment” at 26 percent and “slips, trips and falls” make up over 25 percent.

Our Fort Myers, FL pain management office provides a prompt, efficient process for people who have been injured on the job. Our goal is to:
• have an injured worker evaluated within 5 working days once pertinent medical records are received
• identify and treat the root cause of the individual’s pain
• conveniently and promptly perform procedures with optimal comfort and caring hands
• help each patient recover so they can return to work and get back to life

APMSS Board Certified pain physicians Dr. Jonathan Daitch and Dr. Ivan Samcam are contracted with most workers comp insurance carriers. To verify that our pain doctors are contracted with your carrier, an injured employee can check their employer’s list of preferred providers (typically through their company’s human resource department or office manager).

If APMSS physicians Dr. Daitch or Dr. Samcam do not appear on the provider list, their participation can be verified with our APMSS Workers Comp Coordinator:
Direct Telephone: 239-337-6806
Or Email:

APMSS accepts claims from most states as well as federal Department of Labor claims. If the injury occurred outside of Florida, contact our Workers Comp Coordinator to check the status of a specific state.

To arrange an initial evaluation, your company’s Workers Compensation insurance carrier can directly contact our Workers Comp Coordinator at:
Direct telephone: 239-337-6806 (or fax to: 239-337-6807)
Or by email:

Once in touch with our APMSS Workers Comp Coordinator, your initial appointment can be scheduled (assuming the injured worker’s medical records are received). Please note: It is the responsibility of the Workers Comp carrier to supply us with these records on a timely basis, along with pertinent radiological films or disks.

For first appointments, we ask Workers Comp patients to bring:
• Valid driver’s license (or other current official photo ID)
• All medications in prescription containers that were prescribed after the injury as well as medications taken daily
• All radiology disks or films (if not received prior)

After the doctor has examined you, your work status and restrictions will be evaluated and assessed at each appointment. Keep in mind that the length of treatment for an injured worker is determined by the severity of the injury. This is based on the joint consensus by the doctor, adjuster and nurse manager (if one is assigned).

What happens when an injured employee reaches a state where the condition cannot be improved further or when treatment reaches a plateau?

When this occurs, Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) coverage may be available. In these situations, our Workers Comp Coordinator will work with your Nurse Case Manager or Adjuster so your care may continue and you are able to achieve optimal results.

APMSS also provides prompt assistance for Nurse Case Managers and Adjusters. Our APMSS Workers Comp Coordinator is readily available at:
Direct telephone: 239-337-6806
Or Email:

All telephone calls are normally returned within the next business day.

We are very proud of the hundreds of Workers Comp patients our Doctors have been able to help. Effective treatment begins with a prompt, accurate diagnosis, however. We urge patients who are injured on the job to begin the process of treatment and recovery without delay. The longer an injury goes unresolved, the more difficult it can be to remedy or treat fully.

If you have questions about our non-surgical options to restore patients to comfort and active lifestyles, call us at 239-437-8000 or get to know us through an introductory video on our web site: On the Home page, go to the Meet The Team tab and click on the “Tour The Office” in the dropdown menu.

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