Double The Comfort Through Vertiflex Superion Procedure!

Posted on June 09, 2020

They say “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” That’s certainly the case with married couple Marcia and Donald.

Marcia, a patient of Interventional Pain Management physician Dr. Jonathan Daitch for years, has experienced back pain relief for years through his precision injections. Over time, however, the duration of relief was getting shorter and shorter.

Marcia was originally referred to Dr. Daitch by an ER physician for severe sciatic pain. She’d come to trust Dr. Daitch completely over the years. As arthritic joint pain crept into her life, Marcia relied more and more on the injections. Seeing her as a good candidate, Dr. Daitch advised the Vertiflex Superion procedure as a long-term option.

Dr. Daitch explained the process to Marcia and she looked further into the procedure. In October 2019, she was scheduled. “It was very, very easy,” states Marcia. After a brief recovery, Marcia was walking, bending and moving much easier.

As enthusiastic as Marcia was about her results, her husband still wasn’t inspired to overcome his own challenges. Self-proclaimed as “anti doctor,” Donald had been misdiagnosed by two doctors in Ohio. The supposed reason for his leg pain, according to them, was an “old muscle injury in the calf.”

When Donald accompanied Marcia to one of her follow-up visits with Dr. Daitch, he became the patient. After Dr. Daitch did his own reviews of specific images, he explained that Donald’s worsening pain was actually originating in his spine.

In March 2020, Donald completed the Vertiflex Superion procedure. Prior to the procedure, Donald was limping and bent forward. Now he stands straighter and is much more comfortable. “He is very happy with it,” shares Marcia.

The Vertiflex Superion procedure is performed in Park Center for Procedures, a fully accredited ambulatory surgery center on the first floor of the Advanced Pain Management & Spine Specialists’ facility. Here, non-surgical and minimally-invasive procedures are provided with patients in total comfort through a “twilight sleep” anesthesia.

Dr. Daitch and Dr. Ivan Samcam, also of APMSS, are two of only 400 physicians in the country who have completed the rigorous training required by Vertiflex to perform this advanced procedure. While not every patient is a candidate, most are amazed at the results.

In addition to the improved comfort and ease of motion, its longevity is an appealing aspect as well. In a 5-year study, Superion provided up to 80% leg pain reduction at 48 months, and up to 75% at 60 months. Additionally, it is FDA approved and covered by Medicare and Medicare supplements.

Dr. Daitch adds, “Although I don’t do a lot of husband-&-wife Superion procedures, it’s great to have one spouse influence the other, especially when achieving this relief can prevent unnecessary, invasive surgery. This procedure has help many of my patients get back to more active lives and I enjoy celebrating with them!”

If you (or someone you know) would like more information about the Vertiflex Superion procedure, call Advanced Pain Management & Spine Specialists or ask your primary care physician.

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