Back To Tennis, Gardening & Walking Her Dog!

Posted on September 24, 2019

For active adults whose lives change in an instant because of an accident, the toll can be both physically and emotionally challenging.

Back in action!

That was what happened to Rebecca four years ago. Walking her dog one morning, a car hit her and, amazingly, the driver kept on going. Her injuries were many; she had disrupted spinal joints, a broken wrist, a dislocated jaw, and fractured vertebrae at the base of her skull.

Being active for this mid-50’s lady was a joyful part of Rebecca’s life. An avid tennis player and gardener, she also walked her dog four miles each day. Now, with injuries and headaches “I couldn’t even begin to handle,” Rebecca asked a friend’s husband, a physician, to suggest a doctor to help her. He recommended Dr. Jonathan Daitch, an Interventional Pain Management physician.

Rebecca realized immediately that this was “an extremely modest and very caring physician.” She was impressed that he not only cared for her, he cared about her. “Being in pain can be a very sad place,” explains Rebecca. Yet, she was immediately optimistic that she was in the right hands.

For her jaw dislocation and certain back issues, Dr. Daitch referred her to specialists to attend to those specific needs. For issues he could resolve, Dr. Daitch carefully explained each procedure and provided visual materials. “Any questions are always answered in a way you can understand,” adds Rebecca.

Procedures were performed in the facility’s first floor Park Center for Procedures. Rebecca found in both Advanced Pain Management & Spine Specialists offices and the surgical center, Dr. Daitch has surrounded patients with staff members who truly care. “You’re cared for by people who love what they do and are proud of what they do.”

And, Rebecca quickly learned that there were never reasons to be concerned about discomfort or the results. “What he says he can do, he does,” she states. “Recovery is not a straight road and I knew Dr. Daitch was a doctor I could believe.”

As Rebecca’s comfort was restored, her activity level did as well. She got back to walking, gardening and playing tennis.  As her age crept closer to 60, however, spinal wear and tear caught up to her. Her middle back began to ache so badly that tennis was no longer possible. “I didn’t even want to hold a phone,” Rebecca adds.

Dr. Daitch recommended Thoracic Radiofrequency, which would short-circuit the nerve that was causing her discomfort. The procedure begins with testing of specific nerves to determine the culprit. Once pinpointed, it dis-engages the nerve’s ability to send pain signals. Within a week, “he got me back to 100 percent!” Rebecca exclaims. “I call him my ‘Super Hero!’”

Dr. Jonathan Daitch

Dr. Daitch adds, “For some, pain can actually be the result of several sources. The exciting developments in today’s pain management offer exceptional options to treat pain non-surgically. My team and I believe that experience, coupled with dedication to ultimately restoring each patient to a comfortable life, is how we are able to deliver this.”

If you have pain from an accident, injury, or age-related conditions (such as arthritis), it may be resolved without surgery or a regimen of heavy narcotics. Call Advanced Pain Management & Spine Specialists of Fort Myers at 239-437-8000 to learn more.



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