Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide compassionate, state-of-the-art pain relief with patient safety as the highest priority. The Doctors and staff strive to deliver outstanding patient care and improve each patient’s quality of life.

Practice Culture

APMSS’ culture is welcoming and friendly. The atmosphere is interesting, attractive, and unique. The decor in the lobby is hoped to take patients’ minds away from their pain prior to being seen in the clinical area.

From check-in through check-out, the staff truly treats each patient kindly. The patients’ well-being is the highest objective.

To ascertain the highest quality of patient care, the Practice ardently strives to provide patients with a safe, clean environment. All patients and the staff must treat each other with mutual respect. It is also imperative that honesty and clear communications between patients and providers exist. The cores values of safety, cleanliness, respect, honesty, and clear communication cultivate the culture of APMSS.

Compassion: The Practice understands the impact that pain has on the lives of patients and their families. Each patient is thoroughly evaluated. The treatment plan focuses on the individual needs of every patient to promote health, hope, and healing.

Honesty: Honest communication is vital at APMSS. The staff seeks to communicate clearly and honestly to ensure that there are no miscommunication.

Respect: All employees commit to treating patients, visitors, and coworkers with respect.

Safety: The safety of every patient, employee, and visitor is the highest priority. Continuous education is and required provided to ensure compliance to all regulations and procedures.

Cleanliness is mandatory. Hand sanitizers, clean bathrooms, clean counters, and professionally dressed staff enforce that cleanliness implies an organized and professional organization.