Workers’ Comp Case Managers and Adjusters:

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The treatment of workers’ comp patients is an integral part of APMSS. We welcome the opportunity to meet you!

The treatment and goal of the Practice is to improve the efficiency of workers’ comp patient care, and save time when during patients’ office visits. We will communicate all patient care or treatment plan changes to insure the highest level of patient care and MMI (maximum medical improvement).

Our objectives are to:

  • Our goal is to have the patient scheduled for an evaluation within five (5) working days IF all the pertinent medical records have been received prior to the scheduled appointment.
  • A completed patient evaluation by our doctors, who are credentialed to do functional medical evaluations (“FME”s).
  • Conveniently perform procedures at the on-site ambulatory surgery center.
  • Provide prescriptions at the on-site pharmacy for WC meds.
  • Identify and treat the root cause of the patient’s pain.
  • Send your patient back to work in a timely manner.

APMSS Doctors are contracted with most WC insurance carriers.

Check the current list of preferred providers to confirm that Dr. Daitch are contracted with your carrier. If their names do not appear on the list, please contact the WC Coordinator to verify.
The WC Coordinator can be contacted via:

Who can schedule a new appointment for an injured worker?

The workers’ compensation insurance carrier can directly contact our Workers’ Comp Coordinator at (239) 337.6806 or email at to schedule the initial evaluation.

Do you accept out of state workers’ compensation insurance?

We accept most states as well as Federal (Department of Labor) claims. Please contact our Workers’ Comp Coordinator to check the status of a specific state.

How quickly can an injured employee’s carrier make an appointment for the injured worker to be seen?

Contact the APMSS Work Comp Coordinator. But the Workers’ Comp Coordinator cannot schedule an appointment until the injured worker’s complete medical records have arrived at APMSS. It is the responsibility of the Workers’ Comp carrier to expedite the records including all radiological films or disks.

What does the patient need to bring to their first appointment?

  • The patient needs to bring the required legal identification such as a valid Florida driver’s license.
  • The patient should bring all medications in bottles that they were prescribed since the injury as well as medications taken daily.
  • The patient should bring any radiology disks or films to the appointment.


How often will a patient’s work status/restrictions be evaluated?

The treating provider will evaluate the work status and restrictions during every appointment.

What is a DWC-25 Form?

A DWC-25 Form is a work comp report that the provider completes and signs after each patient’s appointment. When it is completed, the DWC -25 is sent to the assigned adjuster or nurse case manager by the Work Comp Coordinator. The Form should be submitted within twenty-four (24) hours after the patient visit.

What state requires a DWC-25 Form submitted after each patient visit?

Florida is the only state that requires the DWC-25 be submitted after each injured worker’s office visit for a Florida work comp claim.

What does M.M.I. stand for?

MMI is the abbreviation for “maximum medical improvement.”

Who determines each injured worker’s MMI?

Maximum medical improvement occurs when an injured employee reaches a state where his or her condition cannot be improved any further or when a treatment plateau in a person’s healing is reached.

What does P.I.R. stand for?

PIR means permanent impairment rating.

Who determines the PIR for an injured worker?

The treating physician determines PIR for an injured worker.

Who determines the length of the treatment for an injured worker?

The amount of treatment time is depends on the severity of the injury and is decided by the doctor, adjuster and nurse manager if one is assigned.

How does the Nurse Case Manager or Adjuster contact the APMSS Work Comp Coordinator?

The APMSS Work Comp Coordinator can be contacted by telephone at 239.337.6806 or send an email to All telephone calls will be returned by the end of the business day.